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Customer Information

When you first phone in, it is helpful to have the following information:

  • make, model and year of your vehicle

  • engine size, if you know it

  • address and phone number


In order to work on your vehicle at your home or office we require a working area such as a garage, car port, driveway or parking lot (preferably flat).


To ensure technician safety, vehicles parked on the side of highways and on busy streets cannot be worked on. The technician will help move the vehicle to a safe working location if possible before commencing work.


For customers who live in an apartment or housing complex, it may be necessary to ask permission from the landlord, to work on your vehicle in the parking lot.

Before You Call:
OBD  Scanning Equipment

Specialized On-Board Equipment is a necessity to service your vehicle. Vehicles of today are operated by computers. The computer scanners that are used to check your vehicles, are all in small carrying cases that I have on-board. Technology has made equipment so small that there is no need for big box analysers that take up a lot of valuable space.

When your check engine light (MIL light) is on or you have a driveability problem, we can take these hand held scanners with us to record and check information while driving the car. This is common practice now in dealerships and most repair shops. Technology has made it more convenient for the mobile repair service. For today's repairs, diagnostics is sometimes half of the repair. With modern electronics, this makes it a real challenge - even for the best technicians.

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