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When vehicle fleets are not maintained regularly, they can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity, and major repairs. Keep your fleet maintained and reliable according to manufacturer service intervals with Valient Planned Maintenance for vehicle fleets. Whether you have 2 or more than 10 vehicles in your fleet, a Valient fleet maintenance plan will provide reliability with lower service costs over time.


Avoid the high priced shop overhead costs and wasted time having staff delivery and pickup your fleet vehicles from a shop. Valient Planned Maintenance will setup a maintenance plan for each fleet vehicle based on mileage and manufacturer recommendations. You will be given a fleet schedule and you will be able to anticipate maintenance labour costs for your entire fleet on a monthly and yearly basis. Valient will source the lowest cost quality parts for your fleet and will only repair and service what is needed.


Most Valient fleet plan services are performed at your yard or job site location and include:

  • Oil Lube and filter changes at the manufactures recommended intervals (Usually every 5000km or 3 months)

  • 30 point vehicle inspection with every oil change

  • Replacing the filters

  • Checking and replacing other fluids, belts and hoses

  • Checking driving lights and tire pressures

  • Battery inspection and cleaning

  • Annual brake inspections

  • Annual Tune-ups.

  • Transmission servicing

  • Differential fluid changes

  • Brake repair and servicing

  • Wiper blade replacement

  • Shock absorber inspection and replacement


Valient Fleet Maintenance Program Details

  • $75 Emergency callout, diagnosis, and inspection fees

  • $75 per hour labour rate applies for all servicing and repairs

  • Discounted OEM parts pricing

  • Valient Planned Maintenance schedule included

Valients goal is to provide your companies vehicle fleet with an enhanced working  environment, reduced lifecycle costs and increased equipment availability. 

Our mobile service will work around your busy schedule and save you both time and money by servicing your fleet on the job site or after business hours in the evenings and on weekends. We'll take care of your fleet so you can focus on what you do best, your business.

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