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The best way to keep your vehicle running well in addition to keeping the environment clean, is to have regular maintenance done on your car.

This includes:

  • Oil changes at the manufactures recommended intervals (Usually every 5000km or 3 months)

  • Replacing the filters

  • Checking and replacing other fluids, belts and hoses

  • Checking driving lights and tire pressures

  • Battery inspection and cleaning

  • Annual brake inspections

  • Tune-ups.

  • Transmission servicing

  • Differential fluid changes

  • Brake repair and servicing

  • Wiper blade replacement


This is what Valient Car Care can do for you - right at your door! Valient Car Care will also send out reminder Text or email messages every 3 months (to preferred customers who like to be on a regular maintenance schedule for their vehicle).

All used oil and waste is removed for recycling. There is no mess left after the service.

For an accurate price on brakes, a brake inspection is usually required.

Valient Car Care

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